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SPOLUPRACE.ORG portal provides up-to-date information on cooperation between universities, industry, innovative institutions and students.
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Selected collaborating companies are presented in this section


In this section you will find universities presenting cooperative partners

IPIP IPIP Support institutions for innovative business

This section contains presentations of selected institutions that support innovative businesses and provide their services


Students present in this section to establish business, university or IPIP


If you get stuck, you can inspire our help.

Registration consists of two stages:

The first step is USER REGISTRATION.  User role can be used to see contacts of registered entities, opportunities for cooperation and examples of successful cooperation, that are not intended for anonymous visitor. It also includes possibility of sending newsletter to find out the latest news. It does not allow to insert cooperation opportunities and examples of successful collaboration. Registration is free!
The second step si ENTITY REGISTRATION. It allows you to present your company/university/IPIP or the student, insert cooperation opportunities and examples of successful cooperation.

1. User registration

2. Entity registration

3. Add cooperation opportunities

4. Add/edit FACULTY incl. faculty cooperation opportunities

  1. Log-in to your user account (you must have rights to at least one University entity).
  2. Click the "Faculty administration" and you can then add new faculty,  edit  or delete  previsously inserted faculties. You can also add cooperation opportunity for any of your faculties.