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SPOLUPRACE.ORG portal provides up-to-date information on cooperation between universities, industry, innovative institutions and students.
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Selected collaborating companies are presented in this section


In this section you will find universities presenting cooperative partners

IPIP IPIP Support institutions for innovative business

This section contains presentations of selected institutions that support innovative businesses and provide their services


Students present in this section to establish business, university or IPIP

The goal of the portal

What is the portal mission?

Within universities and industry, innovative business support institutions and students
• to find and enhance mutual cooperation,
• to simplify the communication,
• to gain insight and information about the cooperation possibilities.


Universities represent a group with a very wide range of areas of interest. SPOLUPRACE.ORG portal offers them the opportunity to present themselves primarily as research institutions and present results of their research for commercial use. It allows companies to search for partners for further development and to launch new research projects, both in field of scientific research institutions and private sector. The portal can also help in searching college practitioners, internships for students, etc.

Innovative businesses

Portal offers to enterprises important information for supporting growth of their innovative potential. In practice, this means that the enterprise portal SPOLUPRACE.ORG finds information on cooperation on scientific research projects undertaken by universities, offers of cooperation from institutions for supporting innovative business (options counseling, use of modern technologies, space available for rental, contacts with other innovative institutions domestic and foreign environment, but also a financial partner or a suitable financial instrument for the development of their society). There can also be found enterprising students and young professionals to your team.

Institutions supporting innovative business (IPIP)

Institutions for supporting innovative business (in particular science and technology parks, technology transfer centers, research institutions, associations, chambers, etc.) are important group creating an environment for increasing the innovation potential of the Czech Republic. On SPOLUPRACE.ORG portal can be found contacts with cooperating research institutions and innovative enterprises. SPOLUPRACE.ORG portal can also be used as a space to offer their services (ie. rent, technology and experts, counseling, partnerships and others).


Students of especially colleges and universities can find on the SPOLUPRACE.ORG website advice on how to successfully start a business, contacts with potential partners who can help them in the early days of business or offer financial security. In addition to supporting the business plans may find here also offers internships, shadowing managers, cooperation on scientific research projects and offers for cooperation at bachelor, master and doctoral theses.


Database of subjects

This database transparently collects current information and contacts of registered entities. Sign up and present your organization on portal.

Database of cooperation possibilities

The main part of the website is a database of cooperation opportunities, which collects current supply and demand of cooperation possibilities. Each entity registered in the portal can insert cooperation opportunity in the form of internships, consulting, management of student work, custom research, lease of instrumentation and laboratory equipment, etc.

If you are interested in presenting your cooperation possibility, it takes just 3 steps:
Step 1: Register as a user.
Step 2: Register your organization.
Step 3: Insert the cooperation possibility.

To search for collaboration and cooperation opportunities visit our database.

Promoting cooperation

The portal also collects information about events and cooperation projects, examples of successful collaborations, publications and others.

VISIT SITE WWW.SPOLUPRACE.ORG and find a partner for your project!